Whole House Water Filtration

Home 2 Office Water employs actual experts and engineers.  These are specialists in water, whole house water filtration systems and whole house water filter equipment.  As a result, customers of Home 2 Office Water find that they receive clear answers to questions and the best solution to their specific water issues.  The team at Home 2 Office Water are experts.  Some have more than 15 years of experience in the water industry.  They have years of education and experience installing, studying,and maintaining water systems.  Superior water is the passion of the team at Home 2 Office Water company.

Whole House Water Filter Systems

These are the people to contact about whole house water filter systems for either municipal water or well water.

Because of the experienced team at Home 2 Office Water complicated problems frequently have fairly simple solutions.

One Filter Multi-Purpose Material For Problem Water

Simple Solution For Five Common Water Problems

  • Hardness
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Tannins
  • Ammonia

What is FUSION?

FUSION is an advanced multi-purpose softening material mix for problem water.  It is a turnkey solution for removing hardness, iron, manganese, tannins and ammonia in one filter. FUSION comprises five special components made from natural and synthetic materials. After loading a softener with FUSION, it separates into five layers ensuring efficient and robust operation.

Using FUSION is more effective than traditional filtration techniques for your iron problems.


  1. Removes ferrous, ferric, organic and colloidal iron and manganese at the highest concentration levels on the market;
  2. Removes color of water caused by presence of tannins;
  3. Works at low TDS, low hardness, high H2S and pH 5-9;
  4. Works with low salt consumption

The FUSION approach has created new perspectives for numerous water treatment companies:

  • Simple and manageable technology for treatment of high iron problem water that only takes a simple water quality test to provide a solution.
  • Works with the existing Flow Guard Softening Filters – no additional inventory is needed.
  • Easy assembling, installation and maintenance.
  • Low maintenance cost for end user.
Whole House Water Filtration

Fusion Whole House Water Filter Applications

Whole House Water Filtration

Flow Guard Custom Control Residential Metered Softening System

Water Softener System

The Flow Guard fully automated water conditioning systems are engineered for years of trouble-free operation. The electronic control technology uses high efficiency calculation that determines your family’s daily conditioned water usage.


  • Built-in automatic bypass. Water flow maintained to your home during regeneration.
  • The system control automatically calculates how much conditioned water is used day after day. It remembers any change and only regenerates when necessary. This saves up to 50% on salt and conserves water.
  • Brine Tank Refills with conditioned water only. Conditioned water circulates through the refill flow control. The valve can be programmed to pre-fill or post-fill the brine tank for optimum performance.
  • Meter hall-effect turbine.
  • Reserve calculating for optimum efficiency.
  • Override today selections.
  • Noryl® valve construction. Durable and non-corrosive, glass-filled plastic valve.
  • All components meet or exceed FDA, UL and NSF compliance.
  • Two hour battery backup. Maintains memory for up to 2 hours of power interruptions.
  • Light commercial applications. Can backwash tanks up to 21 in.
Whole House Water Filtration

Water Softener System Capacity and Aplication

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Whole House Water Filter

Home 2 Office Water employs actual experts and engineers who specialize in water, whole house water filter systems and whole house water filter equipment.  The difference is that the team at Home 2 Office Water are experts with years of education and experience studying, building, installing and maintaining water systems.  These guys will quickly determine what is best for your specific situation and what you need and do not need.  Call today.  We love to discuss water.